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    Las Vegas, United States
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About Cytherea

Cytherea is available for outcall in the greater Las Vegas area. She is also available for travel dates anywhere in the United States with some prior planning.

Cytherea is an American pornographic actress and model. She is best known for her female ejaculations or squirting during orgasm.
Cytherea is the adventurous type who sports a few tattoos and a pierced tongue. The two designs on her body being a butterfly and a blue flynt tattoo. Coming from a Mexican, Creek Indian, and White Ethnic backround Cytherea jokingly states : "I'm Heinz 57". Once asked the meaning behind this new startlets name she indicated "It's the Greek goddess of love, beauty and music."
Cytherea has garnered much attention for her work in the adult film industry, winning the Best New Starlet Award from AVN in 2005. To date she has been featured in over 200 adult films, including the Squirtwoman trilogy (Cytherea Iz Squirtwoman, Squirtwoman 2 & 3). She has appeared on cable television shows, most notably the HBO/Cinemax series Sex Games: Vegas, Playboy TV's Night Calls and has been a three time guest of The Howard Stern Show.

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